"Teach within the capability and life-flow"


The person served is the center of planning and practices that identify his/her unique capability and preferences while nurturing growth within the natural/typical environments and opportunities throughout our community. Resources are shaped to enrich the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual elements of an individual’s life toward promoting interdependence and meaningful contribution.



Lee Graber was the mastermind of the Value-Based model and Capabilities Teaching.



  • “I am a persuader.”
  • “I teach choices.”
  • “I am a negotiator.”
  • “I create win-win situations.””
  • “I am a compromiser.”
  • “I find  common grounds of agreement.”

  • “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”
  • “When speaking of another, is what you are saying Kind, True, and Necessary?”
  • “Assist and Support.”

  • “Listen to the quiet.”
  • “Embrace and discover.”
  • “Get what you can closest to what you want.”


Mary Etta Lane was Lee’s business partner and the organizational wizard that put his thoughts into a teachable package for staff and agencies to integrate into their care philosophy.


  • “Put a do in place of a don’t.”
  • “Slow it down and simplify it.”
  • “Teach how to think and how to feel.”
  • “Teach confidence not compliance.”
  • “Teach within the capability and life-flow.”

  • “Education is a discovery process from the inside out. It Is the presence of something; not the absence of something.”
  • “Teach by imaging not by concept.”
  • “Everyone can learn.”

  • “Teach me how to do it myself.”
  • “All emotion is allowed.”
  • “Violence I not an option in the decision making process.”
  • “Displace negative behavior and introduce appropriate options and choices.”



Rocky Caudell
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Mary Peterson
Value-Base Coordinator
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“I have been at ICAN for 23+ years I have worked my way to the top starting with direct contact, team leader, Resource Coordinator, to final Program Director. I have 3 grown boys and one 2 year old grand daughter of my own, 4 step kids and 9 step grand kids.  I have 4 dogs and a happy full life. Being a part of ICAN seems to have always been a part of my life as well as my family.  I would do whatever I could for any of the staff and they people that we serve.  ICAN is a way of life, I teach as I have been taught, at work and at home.”

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Administrative Assistant
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